The Best Places to Shoot

The beauty of photography is that it is not bound by space and time. If you like it shoot it, you are not limited by the outside world; you are limited by your imagination. Photography is beautiful in that way. Try to find the beauty everywhere, and when you see it, do not let it slip away capture it with your camera. As mentioned above, photography opens your eye to completely new worlds. It gives you a mystic ability to touch the spirits with your camera.

A good practicing ground would be old (or new) buildings since you they can tell many stories from different angles. You can be the one who immortalize those stories through your photography. Pay attention to the details, photography is about the details. The ability to capture those details is what makes artists, and they can be your blueprint. It is what you see, and nobody else can. Think about it we live in a world of details, even when they are apparently invisible, they are still there waiting to be brought to the light. To create your style, you need to find those details and present them in their purest form.

Just remember, while editing is an integral part of the process. Do not overdo it. Like computer programmers like to say K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid!

The Beauty of Photography

Photography is a potent way to open your eyes to the beauty around you; it is a way of appreciating life as it is. It gives your eyes a superpower ability to see what is hidden and yet in front of your face. The beauty of photography is not in just opening your eyes to the hidden worlds all around you, it gives you a method to capture them and keep the memory associated with them forever. It gives you the ability to travel in time and perceive the world in an entirely new way you have never even though existed.

Photography Gear

What has not to like about photography? When it comes to photography gear, it is not about the tools themselves, it is about your natural gift. Yes, they can be expensive, but that is not a reason to throw the baby with bath water. A modest Nikon D5200 with the kit lens does a brilliant job and it does not cost too much. Even your iPhone could be a handy tool to use while on the move.

It is not how expensive your camera is, it is about how you express yourself with what you got. The fanciest gear will not help you, if you do not have the passion. At the beginning, it is not hard work, it is as simple as taking a selfie and as you develop your talents, you will begin to see the picture and the projector.