About Taking Immortal Photos

About Taking Immortal Photos

It is up to you, but in this section, you will get some inspiration you can use to formulate your own style. The beauty of photography is that it is solitary and therefore personal; you are the creator of the rules. Just see below to get the picture:

  • Details: It cannot be stressed enough, details is what makes immortal photography. Open your eyes for all the details around you. Imagine that someone gave you a box of chocolates with 25 options. Which one do you pick up and why? Probably because it stood out, it looked different from the rest and that is why you liked it. Maybe it was the shining packaging, or symmetrical mix of white and black chocolate. Looks yummy. Your photography has to be like that. It has to do with you not someone else. Do not be average.
  • Lines: They are your best friends; they give your photo depth and structure. Plus, they work with you while you are editing the photo. For the photo to look attractive, the lines should mean something. They could lead to somewhere, limit or emphasize an object in the photo. Lines are comfortable for the eyes, so when someone look at your photos they can get a sense of order, if that is what you are looking for. How to manage the lines? It has to do with how you hold your camera and how you even stand.
  • Fitting: There are many resources about the rule of thirds, it is suggested that you look it up and even study it. Why? The rule of thirds just works, and they are the cornerstone that help you capture minute details. As you know, details are paramount to photography.
  • Color: Color coordination is an obsession for some. You do not have to obsess about it, but it will greatly enhance your photography and your life. Learn to love colors so you can work with them effectively. You do not notice it instantaneously, but color plays a significant role in your life. One thing is to be not intimidated by colors. Sometimes, you will find it hard to make your colors speak, but keep trying teaching them how to speak your language. Keep adjusting color correction and saturation until it becomes second nature. If you still struggle, you still have the editing stage where you can make those colors really show. A lack of color altogether like in street photography can show much more than a colored picture. It is always good to keep that in mind.

Keep an open mind, while there are some fundamentals you need to obey, you are allowed to break the rules and create new ones. As long as your photography is beautiful, no one can blame you for doing a good job. The beauty of photography is that you can do it with fancy gear or a smart phone camera. You can do it anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re at home doing chores or at the park with friends, photography is always appropriate. Stay out of trouble and do not make someone angry. Always ask for permission before taking a photo of someone, as this might be illegal in some places.

Most of all keep shooting!

Post written by Tess Harrison, who can be found writing at Credit Glory on topics such as finance and real estate.

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